Prevention is better than cure.
This notion lies at the core practices of La Clinic. This new model of medicine focuses on personalization and prevention being the primary objectives of our physicians.

We encourage patients to consult with our physicians even before falling ill to the diseases of aging. La Clinic endeavors to keep our patients healthy or reboot their health and immunity to combat aging. Instead of solely treating the symptoms of illnesses, La Clinic focuses on preventing them or treating the root cause of the disease.


Our mission is to ensure that our patients achieve their optimum health and look as youthful as they can at any age

La Clinic employs a Two- Pronged Approach: Inner Health, External Beauty
Our qualified physicians have developed customized approaches for each individual that focuses on measures to tackle disease prevention as our first prong of action. This broadens the scope of conventional healthcare instead of focusing solely on diagnosis and treatment of illnesses with drugs after they have taken root. Such measures also aim to improve the health of our patients.

The second prong of action at La Clinic is Aesthetic Dermatology, whereby we use a variety of cutting edge technologies and techniques to ensure our patients look youthful and beautiful in addition to being healthy

Our Story

Established in 1996, La Clinic was founded by our head honcho, Dr Cecil Wong. Starting out as one of the first few derma aesthetic clinics in Singapore decades ago, La Clinic has evolved to encompass more than beauty which was what people often related with anti-aging.

The true nature of anti aging lies within the way our body functions and the state of inner health. Upon this realization, La Clinic decided to alter practices to provide patients with an entire package of integrative and holistic healthcare.

Our story began decades ago but continues to evolve and change with the times, as science and knowledge often does.