Nose Threadlift


Nose threads are currently very popular in aesthetic medicine to help shape, lift and define your nose. The threads used for this procedure are made of the material, polydioxanone (PDO). PDO is traditionally used by surgeons as sutures (stitches) to close up wounds and have been proven safe. They are then absorbed into the body after a period of time.

The nose threadlift yields results for defining and straightening the nose contour, elevating the nose tip, and to increase the height of your bridge. Nose threads can also be used to contour the base of the nose. When inserted through the nose tip, the volume of the threads boost the height and sanctions the nose to appear sharper and smaller. In addition to that benefit, the threads induce your body’s own collagen production along the threads. This results in a biochemical lifting effects that prolongs the results of the nose threadlift even after the nose threads have dissolved and been absorbed by the body.

Nose threadlifts are a safe, minimally invasive, and non-surgical procedure. Depending on individual patients, the number of threads used will vary.


The treatment originated in Korea, and the word “HIKO” means high nose. The special HIKO nose threads have cogs, unlike the usual smooth PDO threads. When HIKO nose threads are placed under the skin during the procedure, they act like a scaffolding structure to lift the nose bridge and nose tip, hence improving the appearance of the nose. The results of the HIKO nose threadlift are immediate and the nose threads will typically dissolve after 6 – 9 months. However, collagen fibres formed during the process prolongs the results up to 1 to 1.5 years.


The nose threadlift cosmetic market is quite unlike its mainstream counterpart: nose fillers. Many patients come to our clinic for nose augmentation and will typically ask if nose fillers or threadlifts are more suitable for them.

In comparison with nose fillers, the results from the HIKO nose threadlift often last longer due to naturally induced collagen production. With the advancements in nose threadlifts, it is fast becoming more popular as there are lower risks involved in terms of migration, spreading or arterial occlusion. Depending on the desired look and outcome, patients can have the option to combine nose threads and fillers to attain a more dramatic result.

During consultation with our lead aesthetic doctor, Dr Rachel Ho, she will examine each patient’s nose and give advice on the most appropriate type of procedure to achieve each individual’s aesthetic goals.


At La CLinic, the HIKO nose threadlift procedure is tailored to each individual depending on nose structure and what the patient is looking to achieve. The amount, type, thickness and location of the threads placed plays an important role in determining the success and results of the threadlift. Our aesthetic doctors will begin with a consultation on an individual’s nose structure and facial analysis, before providing the best treatment to maximize the benefits of the nose threadlift.

At La Clinic, we place the utmost priority for our patient’s care and comfort, hence local anaesthesia is injected to make this simple procedure nearly painless. The face is then disinfected and the threads are placed under the skin. You can return to work and daily activities after the HIKO nose threadlift as there is no downtime.


– Natural looking

– Lifted nose bridge

– Straighter nose bridge

– Reduced size of nose tip

There may be small injection marks from the local anaesthesia and where the threads have been inserted, and minimal swelling for about 1-2 hours.


The HIKO nose threadlift typically lasts for 1 to 1.5 years and is not permanent as the PDO thread material dissolves over time and is naturally absorbed by the body. As the HIKO nose threadlift is proven to stimulate collagen synthesis under the skin, some patients do observe an extended period of results.


As with all procedures, there is a small risk of infection but this can be prevented by careful sterile precautions taken during the procedure and proper aftercare. Some possible side effects include slight bruising, swelling or needle marks which usually resolves within 1-2 weeks.


La Clinic is one of the few clinics in Singapore to offer all 3 types of threads from two leading international brands- Silhouette Soft from the USA and Ultra V from Korea. Our lead Aesthetic doctor, Dr Rachel Ho, is also one of the few doctors in Asia who has a wealth of experience using both the Silhouette Soft threads and Ultra V threads. Dr Rachel Ho has trained under international surgeons, including the creator of Ultra V threads, Dr Kwon Han Jin from Seoul, Korea.

As with any cosmetic procedure, results vary from patient to patient. Your skincare concerns can be addressed effectively and efficiently during a consultation. Discover and discuss your aesthetic goals with one of the LA Clinic team today.



Our face depicts our age. As you approach your late 20s, your collagen levels have already begun to decline and your skin has been constantly subjected to the environment and physiological stresses. This leads to a loss of skin firmness, volume within the face, and wrinkles start making its inevitable mark. Now, with newer technologies and dermal filler materials, this beautifying procedure has turned out to be a popular cosmetic fix in the beauty scene. From reversing the effects of time to shaping and facial contouring, this non-invasive procedure also features a synergistic combination of dermal Hyaluronic acid fillers to restore your skin to radiant, glowing health.


At La Clinic, we believe that the essentials for an optimal outcome is to have an arsenal of high quality fillers ready at your disposal. Our high quality HSA approved dermal fillers will augment your cell turnover whilst stimulating collagen production from within, keeping your skin firm and complementing your natural looks. Our filler treatments enhance your facial shape in a naturalistic manner and the results are almost immediate. Fillers have become a popular choice as they also offer less risk as compared to surgical alternatives.


Packed with powerhouse ingredients, our fillers deliver a high potency for redefining and improving your facial features. We carry a variety of brands: Juvederm, Restylane, Revanesse and Teosyal. These injectable treatments can be used as dermal fillers and skinboosters — improving elasticity and hydration, and reducing the appearance of fine lines across your key facial areas.

The recommended treatments, Restylane and Juvederm fillers, offered are derivatives of hyaluronic acid, and its formula makes it ideal for delivering an excellent volumising effect, natural feel and look. Made of smooth gel material, the collagen that is stimulated from the treatment will support facial structures and tissues that may have lost volume or elasticity.


The most commonly treated areas: nasolabial, marionette, chin, cheeks, temple, forehead, lips, jawline. The correction and/or improvement on the treated area is long-lasting but not permanent. Fillers aid in replacing lost collagen for areas such as forehead frowns, cheekbones, augmentation of chin and replenishing the hollow spaces. It is also proven to successfully add volume and fullness in the nose bridge and the lips. The results may last up to one year and produces natural, sustained effects before gradually wearing off. Subsequently, repeat sessions can be arranged every 6 to 12 months.


The doctor will have a consultation with you to examine the best way to help you attain your desired results and choose the most suitable filler for your skin type. Next, our doctor will point out strategic points on your face as guides for the allocated injection sites for the filler. Depending on the face region being treated, numbing cream or a small injection may be applied to anaesthetise the area. The process of using dermal fillers requires injections using a fine needle. The treatment takes about 30 minutes and patients will be conscious during the procedure. There may be slight irritation experienced, however, this discomfort is minimal and well tolerated


Fillers are a simple, non-surgical cosmetic procedure, there is minimal recovery or downtime. After the injection has been administered, patients can return to their normal everyday activities. Some redness or swelling may occur but this will recede quickly. Occasionally, light bruising may occur, but resolves in a few days. At this point, do avoid administering pressure to the treated areas when applying daily makeup, as they may result in the shifting of the filler.


Injected meticulously and precisely into the skin, the procedure can be tailored to give you the treatment goals you desire. As everyone’s skin is uniquely beautiful in its individuality, we are not advocates of a cookie-cutter approach. Our doctors pay attention to individual differences and uniqueness. They will perform facial analysis to recommend the most appropriate type of filler and curate the treatment around you, all while conducted safely with excellence.

As with any cosmetic procedure, results vary from patient to patient. Your skincare concerns can be addressed effectively and efficiently during a consultation. Discover and discuss your aesthetic goals with one of the La Clinic team today.

Face Threadlift


As we age, our skin is subjected to volume loss in our soft tissues and our skin loosens, which results in the visible sagging of skin, deepened nasolabial folds and a lacklustre facial appearance. The face threadlift offered at La Clinic is a non-surgical, minimally invasive facial rejuvenation procedure that lifts saggy skin and folds. Unlike surgical facelifts, there is no incision, scar or downtime.

Results are almost immediate and will continue to improve even after the threadlift is completed because the threads will encourage your own skin’s collagen growth and this will enhance the results. The procedure uses face threads made of the same material as surgical sutures to be inserted into the soft tissues of the face.


Individuals who have developed sagging and drooping facial tissues and intend to pursue a minimally invasive and non-surgical option. Younger patients who desire a sharper V face, more defined jawline and removal of their double chins can also undergo a face threadlift.


There are 3 main choices for the threads: Polydioxanone (PDO); Poly-L-Lactic Acid (PLLA) and Polycaprolactone infused with Vitamin C (PCL). They are safe material and undergo natural disintegration and gets absorbed by the body. As the threads are inserted, they will encourage your own skin’s collagen growth and this will enhance the results of the threadlift even after the threads have been absorbed

PDO (Polydioxanone):

These threads will typically be dissolved within a year and last between 6-12 months.

PLLA (Poly-L-Lactic Acid, similar to the filler known as Sculptra):

These threads are even more effective at stimulating collagen production than PDO and typically lasts between 1.5 to 2 years. Once the threads are dissolved, the material breaks down into lactate, glucose, carbon dioxide and water. As it is resorbable, it acts on the deeper layers of the skin to stimulate the production of collagen. It is one of the commonly used materials for its benefits.

PCL (Polycaprolactone infused with Vitamin C):

These treads have a slow rate of decomposition and makes it a good material to deliver Vitamin C to the surrounding tissues and lasts between 2 to 3 years. The chemical structure of PCL is more complex than the others, thus taking a long time for our bodies to dissolve. Once dissolved through a hydrolysis process, the material breaks down into carbon dioxide and water. As Vitamin C is proven to prevent pigment formation, these threads are extremely potent for lightening existing pigments and its anti-ageing properties.


Other non-invasive lifting treatments such as HIFU and Thermage can also lift saggy skin effectively. However, as all patients are different and as with all medical treatments, the results can vary depending on the condition and severity. During the consultation, Dr Rachel will do a facial analysis and provide an assessment on the treatment for the best possible outcome.


The dissolvable threads are inserted beneath the skin to realign the tissue and induce gradual growth of collagen, which helps to restore shapeliness to the face and neck, for a more youthful look. Our face threadlift treatments are suitable for all skin types, with lifting, skin tightening effects, yielding natural-looking results. Depending on the lift you desire, the threads will be strategically placed in the area to achieve the results you desire.


Aside from an immediate lift to sagging tissues, the stimulated collagen ensures long-lasting and natural results that prolongs the lifiting effect after the procedure. It improves fine lines, and increases your skin’s elasticity.


The face threadlift typically lasts between 1-2 years. For optimum results, our medical consultants will advise patients to return for a top up face threadlift session.


Having an experienced doctor to perform the face threadlift is extremely important because the correct placement and vectors of the threads in the face will determine the outcome. All patients who are keen for a face threadlift will undergo a detailed facial analysis with Dr Rachel Ho, who will then advise you on the type and number of threads required. Being well versed with a variety of thread brands and thread types, Dr Rachel is also able to combine thread types to achieve a greater lift for patients.

As with any cosmetic procedure, results vary from patient to patient. Your skincare concerns can be addressed effectively and efficiently during a consultation. Discover and discuss your aesthetic goals with one of the La Clinic team today.



Filed under “frustrating beauty topics” is the issue of ageing skin and wrinkles. It’s not just about collagen deficiency, hormone reduction, or skin exposure damage caused by free radicals. With repeated facial muscle contractions when you frown and even when you smile, it provokes your skin to crease and fold. Those wrinkles can remain even after the muscles are at rest. With botox, this minimally invasive treatment aids to smooth over strained facial muscles that have lead your facial complexion to age faster.

Here at La Clinic, our botox treatments are commonly used to reduce wrinkles and furrows on the skin but it is also equally effective as a pore reduction treatment. Botox works by putting a barrier between the nerve impulses and injected muscles. This minimises muscle activity that causes those persistent lines to form on your face. It is a non-invasive procedure that cosmetically paralyses muscles. Essentially, the botox injection acts as a tissue catalyst to temporarily “remodel the skin” without the dangers of a frozen face.


Our Botox treatments are suitable for individuals who are dealing with sagging skin, pronounced wrinkles, or wish to play down or enhance their strong features. A popular treatment is jaw slimming, whereby Botox is used to slim down pronounced jaw muscles to give a V-Shape face. The procedure is convenient for all skin types and is best recommended for those who are trying to combat the signs of ageing efficiently but do not want to undergo surgical methods. In fact, botox injections can serves well as a preventive measure.

We do not recommend those with muscle or nerve conditions, severe illness, or allergic reactions to undergo this treatment without proper consultation from a medical professional.


If you wish to enhance or reconstruct facial contours or reduce the appearance of pores, injection therapy with botox may be right for you.

Jaw reduction and slimming: This procedure works by loosening up the lower jaw muscles with botox. Once relaxed, the muscles start losing a percentage of its bulk. The muscle atrophy occurs over several weeks to achieve a more defined, feminine face.

Oil control and pore reduction: With botox, it halts oil production and constricts pores by curbing the signals to the oil glands. When the skin is tightened, it also results in smaller pores.

Wrinkles: Botox softens the muscles and prevents milder contractions at defining areas. E.g. frown lines, smile lines, corners of the eyes, etc.


Unlike a surgical facelift, botox does not require a general anaesthetic or a prolonged recovery period. There is minimal downtime involved in the process. The doctor will assess your aesthetic goals and provide an effective course of action. During the procedure, a numbing cream may be applied and botox is then injected using a very fine needle. This relaxes the muscle over time leading to desired constructed effect. There is a little discomfort, if any, involved in our treatments. Many patients are deemed fit to resume their daily activities after the procedure. Additionally, the number of injections needed varies based on the severity of your facial lines and your aesthetic goals.


At La Clinic, we have carried out extensive research into the treatments we offer. We understand that a one size fits all approach to cosmetic treatment is unworkable and unrealistic, which is why we tailor our treatment alternative to each patient to deliver ideal results. Improvements from Botox treatments may start to appear a few days post-treatment and typically reaches optimum outcomes within 2 weeks. The results of our treatment include tighter skin, improved texture and renewed facial contours. The procedure leaves you with a more refreshed and youthful appearance.


While the duration of the treatment depends entirely on the patient’s reaction, a single treatment of Botox is typically sustained for 3-4 months. There will be a gradual fading of its effects after this stipulated time period.


At La Clinic, our mission is to successfully combine a high-quality aesthetic standard with a deluxe level of professional care to give you satisfying results and a delightful experience. We look forward to having you to discuss our botox options as we continue to bring our clients natural and effective aesthetic treatments here at La Clinic.

As with any cosmetic procedure, results vary from patient to patient. Your skincare concerns can be addressed effectively and efficiently during a consultation. Discover and discuss your aesthetic goals with one of the La Clinic team today.

Acne & Scarring


Acne is one of the most prevailing and persistent skin conditions. When left untreated or subjected to improper care, the skin fosters scars that are difficult to treat in the long run. One of the most prominent types resides in the cystic variety, which can be contributed by hormonal cycles — and can be harder to deal with compared to your average blemishes. When pores get clogged with oil and dirt, they can get congested and inflamed. And when treated poorly or left untreated, severe acne may lead to scarring or darkened marks on the skin surface.

At La Clinic, our acne treatments can help you achieve skin revitalisation while rebuilding your skin barrier. Improvements will accelerate after each additional session.


Our acne treatments are suited for those who experience or suffer from acne scars, uneven skin pigmentation left by previous spots, and who experience active acne breakouts around the forehead, mouth and cheeks.


Fractional CO2 laser is effective for acne scars and atrophic scars. Our treatment results in improved skin tone and elasticity. It phases out damaged skin cells and increases the rate of cell renewal, thus progressively lightening dark spots and imbalanced scarring. As every patient is evaluated individually to determine the ideal course of treatment, our doctors will provide a tailor-made treatment plan to meet your expectations. It is an attractive alternative to surgical methods as it is a speedy procedure that can be accomplished with little to no downtime.


Fractional CO2 laser

The leading choice for reliable acne scar removal. This advanced technology reduces injury to surrounding tissue and promotes enhanced healing with minimal pain – all greatly desirable traits for aesthetic surgery. Even more impressively, the CO2 resurfacing laser is designed to treats both the epidermis and dermis layers. This allows for treatment to deeper parts of the skin, treating more stubborn skin conditions.

Rejuran Healer

This is an alternative treatment for repairing damaged dermal cells,  promotes skin cell growth through inducing fibroblast and collagen production. It is injected under a scar to break up the current scar tissue. This will result in a shallower scar. With its restorative and reparative properties, this procedure is well suited for acne scar treatments.


For targeting acne, we focus on non-invasive treatments such as Q switched lasers, chemical peels and LED light.

La Clinic’s Medlite Q Switch Laser is suitable to treat a broad range of indications on all skin types. Its versatility makes it a effective treatment option, for both repairing and rejuvenation of the skin.

Our chemical peels utilise a medical grade fruit acid peel with varying concentrations that can be customised to each patient’s skin type and goals. By removing the dull and dry portions, this peel delivers a brighter and more radiant complexion.

With LED therapy, the different wavelengths penetrate through different layers of your skin and repair damaged cells. It accelerates healing and improves the uneven skin tone resulted from acne.


La Clinic’s acne treatments doesn’t involve painful extractions — instead, we concentrate on treating active acne and excessive scarring. Most of our treatments are non-invasive, comfortable, and require little to no downtime. Our acne treatments can minimise your oil glands, unclog pores and exfoliate your skin.The results are highly effective, safe and delivers a powerful punch to your acne dilemmas.


As acne severity and causes differ per individual, a consultation is required to better evaluate your desired end results. Our consultants will also tailor a treatment plan and aftercare routine.

As with any cosmetic procedure, results vary from patient to patient. Your skincare concerns can be addressed effectively and efficiently during a consultation. Discover and discuss your aesthetic goals with one of the La Clinic team today.


Many of La Clinic’s acne clients have tried several over the counter prescriptions and home acne treatments without recovery improvement. At La Clinic, our doctors create a customised and effective acne treatment plan for each patient that prevails from their previous acne regimens. Our skilled team caters our acne treatments to each client’s skincare concerns and we can lead them on a quest for healthier and radiant-looking skin. We have seen progress in the beauty journey of our acne patients and take pride in the acne treatments we offer.