Dark Circles & Eyebags

Eyes are the windows to the soul. However, the skin around the eye area are delicate and they often give away one’s age.

Dark circles worsen with age because the thinner skin around the eye area allows the bluish colour of blood vessels to show more prominently.
Puffy eye bags due to poor circulation, causes shadows to be cast on the area below the eyes, worsening the dark circle effect.
The reduction of collagen and elastin in our skin causes cheek fat to sink, causing a gap and shadow to form between the eye and cheek, further contributing to dark rings.

Treatment Options

  • Radiofrequency: rejuvenate the skin around the eyes improving the appearance of fine lines as well as stimulate and tighten collagen fibres resulting in a more lifted appearance of the eyes
  • CO2 Fractional Laser: Safe and quickl removal of skin tags
  • Botox: Soften lines around the eyes and further open them by gentle lifting of the eyebrows
  • Fillers: Tear troughs can also be filled with dermal fillers to result in less tired looking eyes with a brighter and more youthful effect

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