Factional CO2 Laser

What is CO2 Fractional Laser

The CO2 resurfacing laser provides more significant and quicker benefits compared to traditional non ablative technologies. It allows for treatment to deeper parts of the skin, treating more stubborn skin conditions.

As the body ages, the appearance and quality of the skin deteriorates. Both the epidermis and dermis becomes thinner and damaged, resulting in the formation of facial blemishes, sagging skin and wrinkles.

Our CO2 fractional laser treatment treats both the epidermis and dermis layers. The laser beam, is broken up into many micro energy beam and delivered into the skin, producing separate and deep columns of treatment areas. Blemished cells in the epidermis are removed and collagen regeneration and remodelling is stimulated in the dermis


  • Improved Skin Texture
  • Reduced Acne and Clogged Pores
  • Whitening
  • Reduced Pigmentation
  • Collagen Production
  • Firming and Lifting
  • Benefits continue to be noticed after a few months as the skin continues to regenerate collagen

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