Tattoo Removal


Regretting That One Drunken Night Stamp?

We have all been guilty of doing something we regret. Sometimes, tattoos fall under this category. Be it the name of an ex lover or simply a design that you got bored of.

Tattoo removal can also commonly be used for semi permanent makeup. Therefore, patients who previously did treatments such as, eyebrow embroidery and are looking to change their brow shape also fall under this category.

Treatment Options

Laser Therapy can be used to remove or alter your tattoo.

The lasers work by producing short pulses of intense light that pass harmlessly through the top layers of the skin to be selectively absorbed by the tattoo pigment. This laser energy causes the tattoo pigment to fragment into smaller particles that are then removed by the body’s immune system.

Depending on the depth and the colour pigmentation of the tattoo, a minimum of several treatment sessions would be recommended in order to remove the tattoo to regain the clear skin

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