Cancer Screening


Breast Cancer is the most common cancer amongst Singaporean women. Regular screening and early detection is important in improving outcome and survival.

Screening Methods:

Screening should start at age 40

  • Breast mammogram and/or ultrasound as well as breast examination.
  • Breast thermography is another form of breast screening and is available in Hong Kong, Malaysia, Australia, UK, USA, Korea and Japan.
  • Genetic testing for BRCA1 & BRCA2


Cervical cancer is the 9th most common cancer in Singaporean women and can be treated more effectively if detected early. Up to 70 -80% of all cervical cancers are caused by the Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) which a woman is at risk of once becoming sexually active.

Screening Methods:

  • Papsmear – A papsmear test looks for early or precancerous changes in the cervix which can lead to cervical cancer. It is recommended to be done at age 25 years and above or once you are sexually active.
  • HPV DNA test – Delphi Screener

The Human papillomavirus (HPV) has been linked to 70%-80% of all cervical cancers. Testing for the presence of HPV is important in the screening process for cervical cancer.

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