Dr Joanne Wong

"I aim to age healthily and want to help others to achieve the same goals"

Dr Joanne Wong

M.B.B.S. (University of New South Wales)


Dr. Joanne Wong’s approach to her practice is deeply rooted in the principles of wellness and health.

She believes that many patients today are looking for gentle assistance to enhance their natural beauty and/or to achieve a desired look. Dr. Wong’s tenure and clinical background has allowed her to understand the underlying reasons for aesthetic issues, lending itself to more effective treatment methods. This hands-on familiarity results in focused recommendations of proven treatments to achieve your desired results as well as sound counsel for your ongoing holistic wellness.

Coupled with Dr Joanne’s interest and expertise in wellness medicine, a holistic approach to aesthetics and wellness is what is to be expected during a consult with her.

Dr. Joanne Wong has over 20+ years of experience as a family physician cum aesthetics doctor. She has built her career specializing in working with minimally-invasive treatments and using modern, best-in-class aesthetic technologies that have been proven safe and effective.