Removal of Moles & Lesions

Remove Unsightly Moles

Moles are made up of cells called melanocytes that are clustered together to form a spot.

While, Cindy Crawford rocks her mole with grace, moles and lesions often ruin a flawless canvas and there is some cultural belief in the placement of moles.

Though most mole removals are done for aesthetic reasons, it is important to note that the maximum number of moles is developed by age 30. Hence, changes in number of moles or size of moles after the age of 30 should be brought to the attention of a doctor, as it raises concerns of cancer or malignant melanoma.

Treatment Options

CO2 Fractional Laser or electrocautery machine is used for fast, safe and effective removal of skin lesions like moles and skin tags.
The treatment is done with local anaesthetic and the process is relatively quick, painless and effective

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