Filed under “frustrating beauty topics” is the issue of ageing skin and wrinkles. It’s not just about collagen deficiency, hormone reduction, or skin exposure damage caused by free radicals. With repeated facial muscle contractions when you frown and even when you smile, it provokes your skin to crease and fold. Those wrinkles can remain even after the muscles are at rest. With botox, this minimally invasive treatment aids to smooth over strained facial muscles that have lead your facial complexion to age faster.

Here at La Clinic, our botox treatments are commonly used to reduce wrinkles and furrows on the skin but it is also equally effective as a pore reduction treatment. Botox works by putting a barrier between the nerve impulses and injected muscles. This minimises muscle activity that causes those persistent lines to form on your face. It is a non-invasive procedure that cosmetically paralyses muscles. Essentially, the botox injection acts as a tissue catalyst to temporarily “remodel the skin” without the dangers of a frozen face.


Our Botox treatments are suitable for individuals who are dealing with sagging skin, pronounced wrinkles, or wish to play down or enhance their strong features. A popular treatment is jaw slimming, whereby Botox is used to slim down pronounced jaw muscles to give a V-Shape face. The procedure is convenient for all skin types and is best recommended for those who are trying to combat the signs of ageing efficiently but do not want to undergo surgical methods. In fact, botox injections can serves well as a preventive measure.

We do not recommend those with muscle or nerve conditions, severe illness, or allergic reactions to undergo this treatment without proper consultation from a medical professional.


If you wish to enhance or reconstruct facial contours or reduce the appearance of pores, injection therapy with botox may be right for you.

Jaw reduction and slimming: This procedure works by loosening up the lower jaw muscles with botox. Once relaxed, the muscles start losing a percentage of its bulk. The muscle atrophy occurs over several weeks to achieve a more defined, feminine face.

Oil control and pore reduction: With botox, it halts oil production and constricts pores by curbing the signals to the oil glands. When the skin is tightened, it also results in smaller pores.

Wrinkles: Botox softens the muscles and prevents milder contractions at defining areas. E.g. frown lines, smile lines, corners of the eyes, etc.


Unlike a surgical facelift, botox does not require a general anaesthetic or a prolonged recovery period. There is minimal downtime involved in the process. The doctor will assess your aesthetic goals and provide an effective course of action. During the procedure, a numbing cream may be applied and botox is then injected using a very fine needle. This relaxes the muscle over time leading to desired constructed effect. There is a little discomfort, if any, involved in our treatments. Many patients are deemed fit to resume their daily activities after the procedure. Additionally, the number of injections needed varies based on the severity of your facial lines and your aesthetic goals.


At La Clinic, we have carried out extensive research into the treatments we offer. We understand that a one size fits all approach to cosmetic treatment is unworkable and unrealistic, which is why we tailor our treatment alternative to each patient to deliver ideal results. Improvements from Botox treatments may start to appear a few days post-treatment and typically reaches optimum outcomes within 2 weeks. The results of our treatment include tighter skin, improved texture and renewed facial contours. The procedure leaves you with a more refreshed and youthful appearance.


While the duration of the treatment depends entirely on the patient’s reaction, a single treatment of Botox is typically sustained for 3-4 months. There will be a gradual fading of its effects after this stipulated time period.


At La Clinic, our mission is to successfully combine a high-quality aesthetic standard with a deluxe level of professional care to give you satisfying results and a delightful experience. We look forward to having you to discuss our botox options as we continue to bring our clients natural and effective aesthetic treatments here at La Clinic.

As with any cosmetic procedure, results vary from patient to patient. Your skincare concerns can be addressed effectively and efficiently during a consultation. Discover and discuss your aesthetic goals with one of the La Clinic team today.

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