Acne & Scarring


Acne is one of the most prevailing and persistent skin conditions. When left untreated or subjected to improper care, the skin fosters scars that are difficult to treat in the long run. One of the most prominent types resides in the cystic variety, which can be contributed by hormonal cycles — and can be more acute to deal with than your average blemishes. When pores get clogged with oil and dirt, they can get congested and inflamed. And when treated poorly, severe acne may lead to scarring or darkened marks on the skin surface. At La Clinic, our acne treatments can help you achieve skin revitalisation while rebuilding your skin barrier, and is your best line of defence against acne.



Our acne treatments are best suited for those that experience or suffer from acne scars, uneven skin pigmentation, or occasional acne breakout around the forehead or mouth. Facial improvements will accelerate after each additional session.




Many of La Clinic’s acne clients have tried several over the counter prescriptions and home acne treatments without recovery improvement. At La Clinic, our doctors create a customised and effective acne treatment plan for each patient that prevails from their previous acne regimens. Our skilled team caters our acne treatments to each client’s skincare concerns and we can lead them on a quest for healthier and radiant-looking skin. We have seen progress in the beauty journey of our acne patients and pride ourselves on offering quality acne treatments.


Fractional CO2 laser is best for acne scars and atrophic scars. Our treatment results in improved skin tone and elasticity. It phases out damaged skin cells and increases the rate of renewal, thus progressively lightening dark spots and imbalanced scarring. As every patient is evaluated individually to determine the ideal course of treatment, our dermatologists will provide a tailor-made treatment plan that gets your complexion acne scar-free. It is an attractive alternative to surgical methods as it is a speedy procedure that can be accomplished with little to no downtime.

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Fractional CO2 laser is the leading choice for convenient and reliable acne scar removal. This advanced technology reduces injury to surrounding tissue and promotes enhanced healing with minimal pain – all greatly desirable traits for aesthetic surgery. Even more impressively, the CO2 resurfacing laser is designed to treats both the epidermis and dermis layers. This allows for treatment to deeper parts of the skin, treating more stubborn skin conditions.

Rejuran Healer, an alternative treatment for repairing damaged dermal cells,  promotes skin cell growth through inducing fibroblast and collagen production. It is injected under a scar to break up the current scar tissue. This will result in a shallower scar. With its restorative and reparative properties, this procedure is well suited for acne scar treatments.

For targeting acne, we focus on non-invasive treatments such as Q switch, chemical peels and LED light. La Clinic’s Medlite Q Switch Laser is suitable to treat a broad range of indications on all skin types. Its versatility makes it one of the most effective treatment options available for both repairing and rejuvenation of the skin. Our chemical peels utilise a medical grade fruit acid peel with varying concentrations that can be customised to each patient’s skin type and goals. By removing the dull and dry portions, this peel ensures your good skin streak lasts as long as possible! With LED therapy, the different wavelengths penetrate through different layers of your skin and repair damaged cells. It accelerates healing and improves the uneven skin tone resulted from acne.




Unlike most acne therapies, La Clinic’s acne treatments doesn’t involve painful extractions — instead, we concentrate on treating active acne and excessive scarring. Most of our treatments are non-invasive, comfortable, and require little to no downtime. Our advanced acne remedies can minimise your oil glands, unclog pores and exfoliate your skin.The results are highly effective, safe and delivers a powerful punch to your acne dilemmas.



As acne severity and causes differ per individual, a consultation is required to better evaluate your desired end results. Our consultants will also tailor a treatment plan and aftercare routine.

As with any cosmetic procedure, results vary from patient to patient. Your skincare concerns can be addressed effectively and efficiently during a consultation. Discover and discuss your aesthetic goals with one of the La Clinic team today.


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