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Nose threads are currently very popular in aesthetic medicine to help shape, lift and define your nose. The threads used for this procedure are made of the material, polydioxanone (PDO). PDO is traditionally used by surgeons as sutures (stitches) to close up wounds and have been proven safe. They are then absorbed into the body after a period of time.

The nose threadlift yields results for defining and straightening the nose contour, elevating the nose tip, and to increase the height of your bridge. Nose threads can also be used to contour the base of the nose. When inserted through the nose tip, the volume of the threads boost the height and sanctions the nose to appear sharper and smaller. In addition to that benefit, the threads induce your body’s own collagen production along the threads. This results in a biochemical lifting effects that prolongs the results of the nose threadlift even after the nose threads have dissolved and been absorbed by the body.

Nose threadlifts are a safe, minimally invasive, and non-surgical procedure. Depending on individual patients, the number of threads used will vary.


The treatment originated in Korea, and the word “HIKO” means high nose. The special HIKO nose threads have cogs, unlike the usual smooth PDO threads. When HIKO nose threads are placed under the skin during the procedure, they act like a scaffolding structure to lift the nose bridge and nose tip, hence improving the appearance of the nose. The results of the HIKO nose threadlift are immediate and the nose threads will typically dissolve after 6 – 9 months. However, collagen fibres formed during the process prolongs the results up to 1 to 1.5 years.


The nose threadlift cosmetic market is quite unlike its mainstream counterpart: nose fillers. Many patients come to our clinic for nose augmentation and will typically ask if nose fillers or threadlifts are more suitable for them.

In comparison with nose fillers, the results from the HIKO nose threadlift often last longer due to naturally induced collagen production. With the advancements in nose threadlifts, it is fast becoming more popular as there are lower risks involved in terms of migration, spreading or arterial occlusion. Depending on the desired look and outcome, patients can have the option to combine nose threads and fillers to attain a more dramatic result.

During consultation with our lead aesthetic doctor, Dr Rachel Ho, she will examine each patient’s nose and give advice on the most appropriate type of procedure to achieve each individual’s aesthetic goals.


At La CLinic, the HIKO nose threadlift procedure is tailored to each individual depending on nose structure and what the patient is looking to achieve. The amount, type, thickness and location of the threads placed plays an important role in determining the success and results of the threadlift. Our aesthetic doctors will begin with a consultation on an individual’s nose structure and facial analysis, before providing the best treatment to maximize the benefits of the nose threadlift.

At La Clinic, we place the utmost priority for our patient’s care and comfort, hence local anaesthesia is injected to make this simple procedure nearly painless. The face is then disinfected and the threads are placed under the skin. You can return to work and daily activities after the HIKO nose threadlift as there is no downtime.


– Natural looking

– Lifted nose bridge

– Straighter nose bridge

– Reduced size of nose tip

There may be small injection marks from the local anaesthesia and where the threads have been inserted, and minimal swelling for about 1-2 hours.


The HIKO nose threadlift typically lasts for 1 to 1.5 years and is not permanent as the PDO thread material dissolves over time and is naturally absorbed by the body. As the HIKO nose threadlift is proven to stimulate collagen synthesis under the skin, some patients do observe an extended period of results.


As with all procedures, there is a small risk of infection but this can be prevented by careful sterile precautions taken during the procedure and proper aftercare. Some possible side effects include slight bruising, swelling or needle marks which usually resolves within 1-2 weeks.


La Clinic is one of the few clinics in Singapore to offer all 3 types of threads from two leading international brands- Silhouette Soft from the USA and Ultra V from Korea. Our lead Aesthetic doctor, Dr Rachel Ho, is also one of the few doctors in Asia who has a wealth of experience using both the Silhouette Soft threads and Ultra V threads. Dr Rachel Ho has trained under international surgeons, including the creator of Ultra V threads, Dr Kwon Han Jin from Seoul, Korea.

As with any cosmetic procedure, results vary from patient to patient. Your skincare concerns can be addressed effectively and efficiently during a consultation. Discover and discuss your aesthetic goals with one of the LA Clinic team today.

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